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Our tree nursery is filled with this season’s varieties that include: shade, ornamental, evergreen, fruit-bearing, and flowering specimens.
Gale’s tree nursery stock is sold with the homeowner in mind. We carry manageable, locally grown trees in pots and burlapped balled varieties.
Keep in mind when choosing the right tree for your yard that they not only provide a focal point in the landscape, but also offer shade as well as shelter for birds and wildlife.
Our staff is always on hand to offer advice as to the perfect choice for your personal sanctuary.

When some people think of shrubs, they automatically think of something that looks more like an evergreen. In fact, there are many different kinds of low-maintenance shrubs, including flowering shrubs as well as foliage and fruit-bearing shrubs.

Shrubs can make a beautiful backdrop for spring flowering bulbs in your landscape. After the bulbs are spent, the shrubs continue to provide interest with bright flowers of their own or rich-colored foliage that can last throughout the season, even into the winter. Shrubs are also a great way to create a natural privacy fence that is beautiful and interesting to both you and the neighbors.

Perennials are those plants in your garden that come back every year, such as Coneflowers, Ornamental Grasses, Hostas and Asters…even Hardy Mums! They require little more than food, water, a little mulch and cutting back at the end of their particular season, which is great if you want a landscape that looks great with little effort.

One of the fun things about perennials is they “come into their own” at different times of the season. For example, Peonies bloom with beautiful color in the late spring while Phlox and Daylilies will brighten your landscape often throughout the summer. For fall color, what garden would be complete without Mums and Asters? Ornamental grasses are a great choice if you are looking for 4-season interest in your garden. (Note: Ornamental Grasses come in both annual and perennial varieties; be sure to check when purchasing.) With some planning and some research, your garden could be a cascade of color and interest all season long.

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