Seasonal Plants:

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!
As the seasons change, so does our year-round greenhouse.
In the mid-weeks of March, the first signs of Spring arrive with Pansy bowls and baskets. As the days the become warmer the home gardener begins to plan for their bedding plants and vegetable gardens. Gale’s offers a complete selection of annuals, herbs, and vegetable plants. All our plants are locally grown and arrive fresh daily.

During the warmer months of summer, our greenhouse continues to carry tropical plants for your deck or patio. We also have a nice selection of potted flowers to replace those that perhaps were hurt by colder weather or pesky animals.
As Fall arrives, hardy mums and asters fill the tables for a colorful way to replace your spent annual plants. These beautiful plants are a nice addition to your harvest décor.
Even in the colder gray months of winter, you can always find a lovely blooming plant in our tropical greenhouse to bring color to your home indoors.
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