Wild Bird Food & Accessories
We stock several types of wild bird feed and accessories. Try our  economical Gale’s Wild Bird Deluxe Mix to attract the widest variety of birds to your feeders.

We also carry Oliger’s brand bird feed which includes:
Oliger’s Wild Bird Mix,  Wild Bird Banquet, Songbird Choice, Cardinal Chickadee Mix, Sunflower Treat, and Deluxe Finch Mix.  For those who want a gourmet seed mixture, brands such as Wild Delight and Birdola Select maybe the seed for you.

We also have pure sunflower seed (oil & striped), safflower seed, sunflower chips, peanut pieces, thistle seed, ear corn, shelled corn and cracked corn.

When you visit our Bird Room, you will find bird feeders and bird houses of all shapes and sizes. Brand names such as Droll Yankee, Opus, Heath, Havahart, WoodLink, Duncraft and more are on display.

For you squirrel lovers, or maybe not, we have a nice selection of feeders and food, and  for the squirrels that are a little too pesky, we carry a variety of squirrel proof feeders, baffles and repellents.

As always, if you have any questions about bird food or any accessories, please ask one of the helpful Gale’s team members or call the store at 440-944-6066.

Bird Seeds & Feeders

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