Bird & Wildlife:

Wild Bird Food & Accessories:
We stock several types of wild bird feed and accessories. Try our economical Gale’s Wild Bird Deluxe Mix to attract the widest variety of birds to your feeders.
We have food to satisfy all your feathered friends’ needs; Oligers brand seed as well as a variety of gourmet (no waste) selection from Mr. Bird and Birdola.
We also have pure sunflower seed (oil & striped), safflower seed, sunflower chips, peanut pieces, thistle seed, ear corn, shelled corn and cracked corn.
Our bird room has bird feeders and birdhouse of all shapes and sizes with one section devoted to Made in America products. Brand names such as Audubon (Woodlink), Droll Yankee, More Birds, Stokes, and Perky Pet are on display. Explore the new products to attract and feed hummingbirds and orioles.
For you squirrel lovers, or maybe not, we have a nice selection of feeders and food, and for the squirrels that are a little too pesky, we carry a variety of squirrel proof feeders, baffles and repellents

Ask for a “Bird Food Club” card to receive a punch for every $10 you spend on bird food.
Once your card is punched 10 times, receive $10 off your next purchase!

Animal Repellents:
Our animal friends in nature can sometimes become our enemy because of the damage they do to our landscape plantings and vegetable gardens. If this becomes a problem in your yard, contact the helpful and knowledgeable staff at Gale’s. We carry a wide selection of animal repellents and traps.
Some of the repellents include: Liquid Fence, Green Screen, Deer Off, Tree Guard, Ropel, Coyote & Fox Urine, and Hot Pepper Wax. While these products are mainly for deer an rabbit problems, we also stock repellents or dogs, cats, moles, and snakes.

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